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My first day in Bangkok started off with a bang, I had a great hair day from the get go and I was really ecstatic about going to eat, eat, and EATTTT. Here ‘s a picture of me not long after I got up from bed and put on this super comfy beige maxi dress ↑.

A sidenote about the traffic in Bangkok, its one of the worst and most chaotic traffic nightmares any driver can endure on this planet but the really cool thing is the drivers here are relatively civilized and they are patient as well. For example, my taxi driver was trying to get off this main road to a smaller road, in order to do that he had to cut on to the lane of opposing traffic and little that he know that the lane had heavy traffic as well. It resulted in us blocking and holding up the traffic on our lane really badly as we were blocking them but surprisingly everyone kept their cool and no one even honked.

My guess is this ties in a lot to Buddhism and the teachings of patience. Fun fact: 95% or more of Thais are Buddhist and they are one of the most homogeneous populations on earth in terms of religious preaching.

And I guess when I think of Malaysia and its ‘ patient ‘ drivers, “Recently, the results of a five-year study by MIROS revealed that 18% of the 13.3 million registered drivers in Malaysia came under the ‘ high-anger ‘ driver category” TheStar Daily, I think some of these guys could really use some Buddhism classes, lawls.

After having had meals in restaurants, we decided on venturing into a more local, street-style, dusty atmosphere by having our meal the way locals have it – by the roadside. And it was by far the best food we had among all our meals, it was honestly unforgettably amazing.

Here’ s a picture of a salted baked fish which has a funny story to it, we didn ‘t know that we were not supposed to eat its skin and just as we were about to eat it we realized that people around us ripped their skin apart and only ate its flesh. We had such a hard time asking our server because of some language barrier but we somehow interpreted their hand motions and wavering that we were supposed to avoid the skin. The meat of the fish was actually so fresh and flavorful that it really surprised us. If you need advice for seeking Thai food, all I can say is ‘ never judge Thai food by its cover ‘ hahahaha if that makes any sense

We headed over to the touristy section of Bangkok’

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So a couple of days ago, my girlfriends and I were feeling a little bored as we just began our semester break after a longgggg and stressful 4 months of studying, assignments, projects, and exams. What did we do? We do what all girls do and just wanted to have a little time out to catch up and meet

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Loving this picture, loving this concept, and loving this dress from:

If you have Instagram account and wish to get free clothes, don’t forget to stay tuned to my posts there!

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Midi Skirt from : Http://www.sweet16.com.my/ 

Let ‘s try French style today! I bought this hat from Miami but do not really have the chance to wear it, except now. Matched it with this stylish midi skirt.
Look at the contrast between the two colors, so eye-catching!
I don’ t have to wear anything fancy to match it with this pair of midi skirt! Just a simple top, and I’m ready to go!

Photo credit to: http://www.facebook.com/NicChungPhotography/

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Top and bottom from : Http://www.mgplabel.com/

Heels from: Http://www.shopkissandtell.net/

MGPLabel offers free shipping to Malaysia! Don’t forget to purchase this lovely set of outfit from them! Midi skirt is probably the IN thing right now! So make sure to get yours now!

Photo credit to Http://www.facebook.com/NicChungPhotography/

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